Ascension Band: Evolution

by Ascension Band



"With elements of punk, post-punk, jazz, classical, straight rock, opera and music hall, the Ascension Band are that rare thing: Something Wholly Other. They retain avant garde cred and still manage to rock harder than AC/DC.” -

"Dave Edwards (fiffdimension) and Nigel Patterson ( were at the head of The Ascension Band; captaining a ship that featured 17 Wellington-based musicians.

"The 50-minute piece of music, broken down into six movements, was performed live over a few nights for the Fringe Festival in 2005; the group taking out the Best Music Award.

"It was stunning. Discordant guitars were choked, drums clattered and crashed, voices mingled with percussion and keyboards - but this form of free-improvisation had a structure to it. It had movement, it had a plan. It was a great beast of a song that writhed and wriggled and often managed to run downhill, away from the players - in the best possible way.

"Here, the show has been recorded onto a CD for posterity - and it begs discovery. It's an intense listen - but that's to be expected from a group of players who took their name from one of John Coltrane's toughest listening albums." - by Simon Sweetman


released March 6, 2005

Dave Edwards - electric guitar & electronics
Nigel Patterson - hammond organ & conductor
Will Rattray - electric guitar
Bell Murphy - bass
Warwick Donald - bass
Murray Stewart - keyboards
Damian 'Frey' Stewart - laptop
Ryan Prebble - tone generator
Felicity Perry - vocal
Atushi Iseki - vocal
Matt Baxter - drums
Greta Welson - drums

Wellington, New Zealand, 2005



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