Mantis Shaped & Worrying

by fiffdimension



The difficult third album – recorded during a time of intense introspection in 2002. I locked myself in my room in Wellington for all of November with an analogue 4-track tape recorder, electric bass, guitars and harmonica and wrestled with the void.

The results rapidly put an end to my promising New Zealand music career!


released June 22, 2002



Track Name: And in a who gets to who & who does & him
And in a who gets to who and who does and him. And then in on him hand in a then on the who on the we. An hand and an and with the end on the hand hand a way. When a hand on a man non in hand. Hand in a hind and a theme gone in blind where a blind while a mind to stand singing hand on him. Hand and an on in the hand and the in on him hand.
High and illegal. Legal and doing him. Local gal vaccine. Heist on a bank. Local legal then and downtown. Lukewarm severance to the hand on him severing severely. Drinking Cab Sav. And a side-on severely waits weights wait til sin severely sad savage. And a courtroom scenery seizes his mind.
Loose lukewarm sad and a sigh of allegiance to the motto. Motto leading us shining and tall. Tall to the too many tale-spinning severance pastime savagery at seven. Signing it tall. Tall to the too many tale-spinning severance pastime savagery. Loose and sad tall. Sad in a hand on him sad with allegiance. Allegiance his motto. Stand in the sad to the sigh of allegiance. Win a worried stand tall. Sad to the in on him sad ways to allegiance.

Want to stand blow. Want to stand worried hand blowing and tall. Win a worried perception. Willing watching him sliding and squirming under the knife of punishment. Wheel in hand punish the knife. Wheel in hand fine with the knife. Wheel in hand fly to the knife. Loose in on not hand. Hand hanging loose win a wheel. Looseful unknown. Hard hanging hand in a hand on the wind. With worse wind hand swinging knife. Win a worse hand winding. Worse with the winning hand. Worse within hang not, not within hang. Hanging hand with the were times. Which hand were times were hands hanging these? Hand a hand with one’s own hand hanging worth and though plainness need in the interference a scurrying place. Hanging were to those hanging faith in the her hand. Hanging place. Loose fits the hand with the hand hanging were times hopeless hide this. Hide bliss. Win all the were times. Report to back yard.

Hand a hand-wringing hand in the win all the were times. Times win the hanging. Times win the were. The were which were having hand in the in on them were times when the wheel which was won was won and within the were wages hanging side in the in on him hand within hand on the wages. Signing blank cheque. Writing time on the wins. Tried in the hand on the hanging in wind, tired of creatures’ spleen with vagueness pause surreptitious scrupulous longing.

Win a glancing at watch. Win a tired end to long night. Hide and withheld. Whose surreptitious hands hanging wind? Winded wounded whining on wine. Aloof and withheld. Spell him on held. In a spell made him held. He will willing wound and awake with a wind wound and wide. Wound in on hound. And a hand in on wand. Hand the hand within hand. Hand the wound to the win and on wine. Wound the hand wind with a wine. Hand in a loose to the perseverance signature balancing hand upon wine. Win the wound of the world. Wield a promising sign, hang the hand to sad wine. Wound the in on him hand hanging vagueness. Hanging hand upon head. Hanging head in the were times. Hand the head hanging wound of the were times with a stylized perception persuasion perseverance, hand the hanging on hand held the head. Held the head to the in on vagueness. And a scurry for contempt. Contempt the hoop hanging wideness. Hang the hoop upon head hand to smuggle them up.

Hang the hoop hanging were times. Hoop the hand on the were times. Hang the hand on the were times. See them all on to march. See them all on hand hiding the straight lace and biding one’s time. And hiding one’s time. Time them on hoop hand. We will practice at home. We will captain them up. We will leave a pause for bad ruin seen in pause for our perfume will slaughter captain them up. We will slaughter them up keen on captain, sleeve keen on captain. Bed and table forces. Evil pleasure. Hanged in a head upon hand. Hang in the were times. Hand hanging pleasure. Hand on the hanging. A gleeful pause for seven days. Hang the hand hanging were times sleeve on captain.

Loose hang the hand. Sleeve the hoop on the sling. Sliding the were times in on the sly. Oh those were the were times, we will win on them were times. Loose hope hanging hand. Were within woe. Woe within were times. Were hanging hand we will wheel and on woo her, woo her woe wail and win her on woe. Who win the woo within wailing win scurrying were times wailing sudden and daring, sullen and faded, sculling and jaded?

Hang the hand on the woo within were times. Woo the woe with the hand upon wind. Hang within sever. Sever severely sullen and jaded wane on the woo within wind white we with woe. Wound within halls. We will sudden and woe. Wield the woe within walls. Hang hanging hand on the woo within wind. Greed will punish the toad. Hang the woo within wind. Wooden with walls. Hang on the were times worried with pause. Curried with wars. Aloof laden blank and afflicted with cause. Relief for a laugh wait in hand. Hand held the nail and then hammered in cross. Hand held in head. A high waters heave. A relief little woe. Side-singing. Peruse autumn trains. Dartboard the door. Quicksmart nails then. Pause.

Very woe onto load-bearing members. Scurrying walls. A loose wall tune in doors. Two hand holding a sign of contempt. Return to our captain slaughter. Handing him on. Handling the hanging business. Hang a woo within were times. Report through the door to the were times. Were the her hanging were times to relearn all we were? Were we to relearn all we were ever been? Times to relean on, punning on pause. Times to relearn with good cause.

We will pause relearn jape. And a tired allegiance to the hanging was. We will scurry and pause. We will rough waters conquest. Relearn on relying wait. We will scurry on relieving. We will worry with cause. Hang a tired allegiance to the woe hanging were times. Hang a tired relieving reliving remembrance to the hand upon head hanging hold of the were times. Hurried with wars. We will hurry of cause. We will cause this remembrance. We are taught with remembrance. Load within told. Remembrance pastimes. Scurry and vacate.


Loose hang the load upon head. Loose hang the head lest the high weight of load hang the hand within were times. And release waters load. Loose hang the hand lest the low weight of woo waits the waters in tow. And a fine weight of remembrance persevering relying in upon told. And a tired weight of remembrance hanging down upon head.

In a loose hanging hand held the world. Hang with the hold. And a sigh of persuasion. Resulting in sewerage. Win the weight of the world. Win relate on remembrance. Win relate on in hand. Hand held the weight. Weight relate on the obverse side in upon head. Weight relate to the in upon world. Oh the world within pause. Wait a sudden wail of worry. Were on our own. And a teeth-clenching fool. Who held the hand in the wound on the walls? And a hand held the whom? Relief takes a laugh to the in on him days. A fine feel of friendly open pastures. Time takes a loose leaving shadow vagueness. Relieve autumn moans. Relive watered tones. And a time training perfume article shuttered. Too many people now will struggle in vagueness. The release form of friendly openness. And a time taken in were times. Back in the day.

Hand in the were times. When a wee fortune falls. And a fortunate rest lie awake smiling untoward. Upturned and in shadows. Turned him in vague. We will speak onto shade. Hand a sigh of relief. In a peaceful relief gleam and purposeful toad.
Track Name: Being & naked
Weeping confined in loss of ideas & panicked in comfort, an evenness tone invited werewolf into skin. Expanse of purple-grey fleshy tones & a casement of shadow speckled curvature outpost lacking in plains, or a smell that he felt for in hiding a shell within aught persons. Your gleefulness varies & it is crossed over in transit, a little to ask, we hadn't it worst.

Your every matter talking burns forth in an ease of dislike. You are dressed all in white. Was it an incense or perfume I began soon to smell? Could not remember him making a sales pitch, grey hair & his charm into anarchist veins.

Swing murky brilliance on the end of a rope. Armageddon was missed. Leave our self shattered playground a crumbling pit, let our house make its meltdown, our past naked spit - & her undergound legs made it worried & climb her, & lying in bed for an hour just to find her but I still completely cannot define her.

But myself naked ruin & admission of shame, let it all winter thoughts & a case for a rest, incompleting profane make it hard to forget. This admission of warlord, when a light has gone out - walk under it on street & see then what happens, you would have to deny that ever this happens but a punishment thought springs up from the roses & tramples itself into paths of the brain.

Doing handstands, one house burnt down - & all for sad money, existant & plain, it is now winter canyone in cravings & plain that his band altered rain & already became what ye don't need to not know & are punished with snow.

This was relief, & was signalled as such by bas-relief patterns in adorning the walls & newspaper headlines for wordless grey thoughts - o I swing through its cups & its swords & its wands - & we were damp & rotten & we had only a skyline hair fracture to let in the light, with its grey little rain left alone in the world.

Remain furrowed & blank; do not forget your own mouth in such talk. Your talk-tormented walls are hurried & wars to catch animals conquest, with your brain a soft plenty gotten sharp gotten hard & ye cause it to grow; me own gotten frightening & my punishment plain, an allowance of rain; then we've soon gotten floods & we weave from above; we can play little gods we can fall upon swords.

No-one ever causes time to go slowly around here; in fact they all want it sooner; & you're left then outside, isolated in bodies looking up into showers in daylight substituting for streetlamp in evening - I feel like noir villain in black & white movie. Everybody's face turns into pornography but I'm smiling & shrug.

The murky flowered brilliance fell there into naught. Newly organic lifeforms try to express creativity by growing a moustache. Let us be taint for the season & a cleaving of sad poets' heads in the gutters they roll. Mercury holds the season of comfort in a fortified gloom - with no rejected pathway ventures, no awkward capital. For reasons unknown it was something like sailing, & ye couldn't stand tall in a meeting of minds, it had left me behind, & I walked as I talked & am feeling very small.

You're in confusion, but the hard naked fact is that I saw it all - though there was no sensation & very little of thought - I had not been called 'darling' before then, not at all & never again since. My bank account trembles to reconsider - perhaps I'll outwit her? Forget demon thoughts, or would that be too evil? I have no remorse, do not want it of course, but continue to moan, at home & alone.

The bachelor late at night is eating avocado which he's taken from fridge - 'mm, it tastes good' he thinks. The bachelor late at night goes to bed by himself.
Track Name: Revenge of the Smur
Eyes wide in a cutlass of revenge, tying down avenue. The wide of the mouth in error. Deny to defy to deify. Walking eye backpacks stroll along like in computer game. I sigh related in juice upon cufflink segregated; eyes open through floor. A trapdoor in ceiling, for to climb out of like simpering puppies. They want to go now.

Eat this hippies: the past is tilted out through the sky over beautiful harbour. Banality, a virus plague, fly through the air. Heigh ho, heigh ho, a hobby horse, this.

Deception. A shyness. The swirling in storm alight with ghosts. The dead are a record.

A packet of soup tumbles into the void. Tick tock tick tock. Awakening. A metaphor shines.

Elvis shakes his hips so hard he is physically thrown out of the room by the force of the blast! Smile. The eye is a comedy. Girl vending machines installed in casinos & bars. Pop goes the tyre. Geometric patterns in forests wave. The mouth opens like theatre curtains. We all become cartoons - merrily throw up. I hesitate. We have a screw. Dinner soon - (series of sexual images follow) - 'That was nice, thanks - can I go now?'

Cold out in the smooth milkshake of life. Satire the extra cherry, with an ant crawling up the side. A grown man cries. He is sad for the trees & the unplanned metal wind. Metal quicksilver.

Dimensional snakeskin shedding - a furtive glance, we peel back each layer & watch the flashiness bleed - shaking off another layer of dimensions allows some light to come in. The world is a teardrop in a puddle, in which a garden gnome is fishing in his shed. This has already been proven by scientists but they won't admit it.

Puff-pastry villainous face looms. Stimulus sickness. Success? Success? Only in a crinkle corner fold. 'Your table is waiting, this way please sir'.

The office is a restaurant, & vice versa - the desk a table, the typewriter a meal. A hedgehog screams in protest, & builds an empire for the purpose of revenge. Fear remains, feasting on the dead carcass of state.

Shot full of needles, fishing hooks hang off their noses. Still delaying. They don't scream at you if you're an artist - waste of spit. This is only a camouflage; the real truth is hidden in inversion. Anything can be a metaphor for cosmic truth.

Lately time is being redirected - come on it. The decline of western civilisation - & there's a hard centre to this, beyond fuzzy grey humour - & then the revelation: it is a wheel.

I try to work my way around the block; a mental cancer - I see the heart of darkness! A black pebble, a pupil at the heart of the wheel - a black well, a pool into which to dip bucket.

The wet tongue is rolling in the mouth of the whale; a river of slop. I'll feel terrible tomorrow. Something touches in the corner of my memory - an itching tone, a shyness to eat. Smothering smiles flop over into roll... apocalypse of bacon!